It’s easier to talk with people not your age 

After years of befriending people, I found that I tend to be senior/elders or juniors/children. Several reasons came to mind.

  • Peers are easily comparable to your circumstances 

You tend to compare yourselves with people your age. It is like seeking a guideline or performance benchmark for your life. You wonder whether you are doing well in life now, and you need something to measure that. Hence, peers who lived as long as we did, became that guideline. It could result in stress when they seemed to be doing great, and your efforts ‘overshadowed’ by their achievements. Or, it could motivate you to do better.

  • Looking up to public figures at similar age

It is common that we compare ourselves to what our idols were doing at our age. Either it was a relief that you are doing well (or better), or you constantly guilt tripping yourself for not being up to par.

The better way would be for us to count our blessings, and look upon our history and achievements as a unique experience. Not everyone is born in the same family.

However, seeing that we experience more from seniors and juniors, we should also learn from our peers, and turn pressure into an opportunity to see how we can improve, but not copy them.

MOST importantly, what do you want to achieve? Work on it. Draw motivation and inspiration from peers. They had achieved what they set out for themselves. You can do it too! In your own way. Learn how you can carry out your tasks better.

What do you think?


Iron Man OST

This is still one of my favorite music, together with Driving with the Top Down, and Particle Acceleration in the Iron Man movie genre. It kinds of motivates you to do whatever you’re doing.


Continue with Batman 2016!

Finished Batman Eternal story few days back. The ending was somewhat unexpected. You expect maybe the biggest, baddest guy to be behind it all, but it was much simpler than that. No spoilers though. Go have a read!


and Issue 16 is full of humor.